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Whether you seek professional skincare advice or a few friendly recommendations, one thing’s for certain: Consistency is the key, and not a “magic” anti-age face cream (not yet). There’s no denying that some skincare ingredients are more satisfying than others, as retinol family is. 

While countless products exist out here, it’s important to pick the proper ones for your skin type. It’s also important to consider the weather and season, your diet and water intake, and the ingredients you use in your skincare routine. Here, I listed only the most important factors that can influence your skin’s health. 

Fundamental Reasons 

To find out more about the variety of reasons we recommend certain skin care products, I created the list below.  

Here are a few possibilities: 

  1. You have personally used the products and had positive results – personal familiarity. 
  1. You have done research on the ingredients and their effectiveness. 
  1. You trust the brand and its manufacturing practices – reputation. 
  1. The products are suitable for a specific skin type or concern. 
  1. You have received positive feedback from other people who have used the products – positive feedback loops. 

In online we see people recommending certain products mostly based on a combination of three: reputation, followed by personal familiarity and of course positive feedback.  

Reputation is important because it ensures the product has been safety tested and is from a reputable company.  

Personal familiarity is when people recommend products, they use themselves and may not necessarily have the best efficacy data.  

Positive feedback loops occur when people recommend products and receive positive feedback from others who have used them. 


Ultimately, the reason we recommend a skin care product will depend on each one’s experience and research.  

It’s important to be honest and transparent when recommending products to others, and to consider the individual needs and concerns of the person you are recommending the product to. 

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written by Diana Roca

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