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The secret to effective facial treatments lies in the use of top-of-the-line ingredients. You will find in this article a list of all the gentle active ingredients that should be on your day mask label and that will suit your skin type.

What ingredients are right for me?

During the day you can use most types of masks with friendly ingredients under the sunlight.

With multiple roles and benefits, very versatile, especially if they contain ingredients rich in vitaminsantioxidantsmineralsessential fatty acids and amino acids.

If your skin is dull, oily, inflamed, dry, or if you have dark spots caused by UV exposure, a day mask can help. The purpose of masks is to detoxify the skin, clean impurities, hydrate, nourish, firm the skin, as well as treat various skin conditions, such as rosacea or acne.

If you are looking for the right cosmetic mask for a facial treatment, the most important factor is still the ingredients list and how they affect your skin type and condition.

Certain masks can be named and identified by the final result of the primary active ingredients in the formula as:

Brightening Mask

Evens the skin tone and improves the faded appearance, useful for anyone who wants a brighter, radiant, matte complexion with minimized pores.

They are formulated with various antioxidant ingredients such as:

  • vitamins C and E.
  • polyphenols such as extracts from green tea, blueberries, red beef (resveratrol), liquorice CO2
  • Coenzyme Q10
  • Niacinamide (vitamin B3)
  • arbutin
  • propolis powder, very rich in flavonoids, ferulic acid, caffeic acid, amino acids and aromatic acids; acerola powder, with properties to restore skin elasticity and slow down skin degradation.

Active ingredients improve the uneven skin tone, leaving it radiant, smooth, toned and soothing. As well as being powerful antioxidants, they contain numerous vitamins, enzymes and bioflavonoids. So a few of the active ingredients can also work as a photo protectant, to stimulate collagen production, to improve skin texture, and fight bacterial and inflammatory infections.

Protecting against environmental factors, antioxidants restore and strengthen the skin’s barrier, neutralize free radicals and eliminate damage caused by UV rays, such as hyperpigmentation and fine lines.

Clay and Charcoal Detoxifying Mask

These masks generally contain mineral ingredients such as green clay, white clay (kaolin), pink, green, beige, red, Rhassoul and betonite. Agile-rich masks are suitable for oily to combination skin or for shiny T-areas, helping to absorb excess oil from the skin, and with congested pores, as a prevention and treatment for pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. Clay absorbs impurities, excess sebum, detoxifies, revitalizes and remineralizers the skin.

White and red clay can be used with other emollient ingredients if your skin feels dehydrated, dry or sensitive, with the indication that it is advisable not to leave the mask until it is completely dry.

Some studies indicate that betonite clay helps to reduce a mild form of acne and improves dermatitis, but it is best to talk to a specialist about the most appropriate treatment.

Charcoal powder helps in some cases to absorb toxins from the body, removes impurities from the skin surface and leaves the pores decongested, visibly cleaner. For dry or sensitive skin, this type of mask is not recommended, but it can be used if it has white clay as a primary ingredient.

For certain treatments you can apply a face mask with dead sea mud, volcanic or plant mud (Moor).

Moisturizing and Nourishing Mask

When you want extra hydration, look for this first ingredients:

  • glycerin
  • vegetable butter such as shea butter, murumuru, kokum, coffee, cocoa, bacuri
  • Skin-friendly vegetable oils such as jojoba, camellia, centella asiatica, rice, sea buckthorn seeds, broccoli, cactus, blackcurrants, blackberries, raspberries, rosehips and cranberries.
  • cosmetic active ingredients such as allantoin, hyaluronic acid, betaine, bakuchiol, ceramide, squalane, arginine and panthenol.
  • plus certain powders like Indian ginseng (Ashwagandha), caffeine, royal jelly
  • and many mild extracts such as green tea, cucumber, mallow, avocado and acmella.
  • and many more

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written by Diana Roca

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