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Antioxidants are molecules that fight free radicals in your body like: vitamins C and E, polyphenols such as extracts from green tea, blueberries, red beef (resveratrol), liquorice CO2, Coenzyme Q10, Niacinamide (vitamin B3), Arbutin, propolis powder, very rich in flavonoids, ferulic acid, caffeic acid, amino acids and aromatic acids; acerola powder, with properties to restore skin elasticity and slow down skin degradation.


Brightening Mask
A face mask formulated with various antioxidant ingredients that even out the skin tone and improve the faded appearance. Useful for anyone who wants a brighter, radiant, matte complexion with minimized pores.


Clean beauty
Clean beauty promotes various methods of protecting and improving the condition of our environment, seas and oceans, through reusable packaging, biodegradable products, without plastic and waste. And in the case of SPF creams, they do not contain harmful substances to the marine environment (reef-safe).

The term ‘clean beauty’ urges us not to resort to abundance to get results, still at the same time it can be subjective.

Cream skin
It is similar to ‘glass skin’ if we refer to the results, but in this case fewer products are used, requiring only a toner and a moisturizer. It’s a more realistic look and generally applies to a single product, which can be 2in1 or hybrid. This way you can focus on softening and moisturizing your skin.


Represents our main barrier having multiple adaptive functions, protecting us from the oxidative stress of UV light, being the first defense against infections, allergens and provides adaptive immunological barriers. In addition, it regulates the body water loss into the atmosphere, commonly known as transepidermal water loss, referring to the skin’s ability to retain moisture.

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Remove dead and dull skin from the surface.

Proper exfoliation will remove the dead skin layer and promote cell renewal, thus giving you a velvety complexion with a finer appearance.

Synonyms: Peeling


Gel Mask
It has a very light, moisturizing texture and offers a refreshing sensation, ideal especially during summer.

Glass Skin
Refers to the texture of the skin and a flawless, translucent, clear final look, with no visible pores, with a uniform tone and a radiant skin.


Honey Skin
Describes a skin that looks like honey, which is shiny, smooth and elastic. It focuses on organic and natural ingredients, good for nourished and healthy skin.


Liquid Gold Skin
It is a newer trend, more inclusive for all skin tones, especially brown skin.


The microencapsulation method is a skincare delivery system that encapsulates active ingredient molecules. Active ingredients are coated with a protective shell to enhance their penetration, stability, and efficiency through microencapsulation.

It requires you to know and understand holistically the needs of your skin type and skin conditions. This technique can be applied to various areas, such as dry skin and oily T-zone. Or in the case of other skin conditions, just as a local treatment.


Sheet masks
Sheet masks are easy to apply and do not require rinsing. And can provide a variety of benefits for the skin, such as hydration, toning, radiance, and are refreshing as well.

Sheet masks fabric can be: Microfiber (cotton), Hydrogel, and Bio cellulose.

Silicon Patches
Are anti-wrinkle patches made of 100% medical-grade silicone. Silicone patches have a transparent material, with a soft and elastic gelatin-like feel.

Many studies behind it show that the long-term use of silicone patches creates a microclimate that attracts water from deeper layers to the surface of the skin, leaving the skin more hydrated and rejuvenated. Maintains an optimal level of oxygen, increasing collagen production to fill in wrinkles and helps fade certain sun damages.

Skin is the largest organ that we have, also our epithelial tissue. Together with hair and nails represents the integumentary system. Surrounds and protects the organism against outside infections, allergens, and extreme temperatures. Above all, it minimizes water loss from the body creating a balance of fluids and makes possible the synthesis of vitamin D.

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Skin care
Includes a wide range of activities, in order to protect, prevent and treat the skin.

It’s about an essential approach in skin care practices and finding the key factors in getting a natural, vitaminizing and radiant look.

A trend supporting minimalist approaches, whether we’re talking about a few products or ingredients applied to skin or getting a natural look through makeup. In a thin layer, you can still apply foundation or concealer.

This trend proposes to consume less products and is part of the ecological cosmetic movement. It supports the health of the skin, based on the proven efficacy of active ingredients and teaches us when it is time to let the skin recover itself.

Slow Beauty
Slow Beauty is a movement and philosophy that helps people develop a sustainable self-care practice based on nature, health, and well-being, which includes the use of multi-sensory products, tools, and resources to support a happy way of feeling and to be in the world.



A toner balances the skin's pH, provides hydration, and assists in removing dead skin cells from the surface. Toners can contain acids, glycerin, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory ingredients. In terms of consistency, it's similar to a thick water, between serum and essence.